thermo-Sac usa. wishes to introduce its exciting new product line - a selection of unique products designed to enhance the enjoyment of outdoor activities by way of their effectiveness, practical concept and aesthetic appeal.

The 'thermo-Sac' family which began with the popular coolSac insulator bags - for keeping drinks ice cold - now has many products ranging from the sleek, high-tech insulated dual-purpose 'dualSac' bag - for keeping drinks ice-cold or piping-hot - to the petSac, a folding water bowl for your pet.

thermo-Sac usa manufactures all of its products in the United States, where the strictest quality-control measures are exercised. Additionally, only materials of the highest quality are utilized for the thermo-Sac product line, in keeping with our company policy of "quality at all cost."

The new, much asked-for 34oz thermo-Sac beverage carrier that will accomodate the 32-34 oz polycarbonate bottles is here! Same great insulation!
New size! New bottle!

We have American flag and stars thermoTies!!!
and Camouflage too.

Contract Embroidery Available -- Call for Quote

Order online or call: (480) 390-3301
Wholesale pricing available